30 weeks in and I am wearing maternity clothes…


So I have made peace with my growing body and went out to get some maternity clothes

Yip!  I really thought that I could just buy some things 3 or 4 sizes bigger, but nope this baby decided otherwise.

We’re around 30 weeks in (seven months) and I feel H U G E … My nose too!

I also have trouble with finding the right sleeping position, if just seems that the preggo pillow and the other pillows are not enough….sighhh

Other than not sleeping well while growing our little-big human, I am struggling with the heartburn.  Maar, “hoor is min!”  I cannot help myself, I simply can’t say no to a good pot of curry.

So I am picking up weight, not just baby weight but “boud” weight too.

And this means I need bigger clothes.  Comfortable clothes.

Especially preggo pants.

Other than pants with lekker elastic, I thought I would get some nice and comfy baby-doll tops.

I managed to get a few tops for under R100 at Mr Price nogals!

Pants was under R150.

Did not even know they had a maternity section!

Upon my discovery, I almost could make up my mind, they have dresses and shirts and pants and really everything your growing belly needs.

Comfortable and cheap.

Of course and a self-employed Mommy-to-be, you try to save where you can.

Also, I saw these really nice bibs at Babies R Us, so I don’t want to buy the whole shop and spend all my money before I get the bibs.

Oh my!  I get excited about bibs… This is the life right now. LOL!  I love it!

Everything about preparing for our baby and making sure we have everything excites me right now.


I am also working on a show – from my bed – because I am still on bed rest.

I am suppose to take things slow.

Working this time round has really helped me to not feel like I have to just sit here at home with fat feet and just be preggo.

So Marc will be in PE… (insert happy here!)

Yip! You can get your tickets at Computicket

See you at the theatre…

Love & Laughter





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