Yes, silicone + sponge = silisponge!

Reviewed these babies over the weekend! And oh my goodness!
Can we please have a moment of silence for the silicone puff I purchased from Fancy Face- PE and this #BrowGameInABox from Swiitch Beauty ♡.

The “silisponge,” silicone sponge has taken the beauty world by storm.

Yes, silicone + sponge = silisponge!

I promise you there is nothing silly about this little foundation blender.


Now there are good (and not so good) things about the silicone sponge.

I love how the silicone sponge uses less product, this is one of the reasons I spent money on this item, because elke biekie drop saved help mos!

The silisponge is lightweight and easy to clean, yay for easy cleaning!

Positioning it in my hand and finding a good way to blend was at first a bit weird.  I wasn’t sure I should bend/stretch the silisponge or just rub.  I also found that in some areas it blened away some foundation and I had to reach for my brush to evenly blend the foundation again.

I must say, I quite like the even finish my foundation brush leaves on my face.  I did however try the silisponge on one of my clients and the result was different.  So it’s a good to have item for my kit.  It’s simple to use.

Cleaning method:

Simply rinse under cold or lukewarm water with mild soap, rinse, and let dry.

For R150, I think it’s a real nice to have blender for the make-up kit.  It’s always nice to have options.

Now onto the  #BrowGameInABox…

Swiitch Beauty is sooooooo clever with the name of this product, in fact all of their products are cool in the book of life for beauty!  Yes man, that book exists! Comes with a fine little brow brush and a smudging edge!  The brush works great for filling. The 2 brown shades and highlighter deserves brownie points for all the right reasons.  It’s perfectly pigmented and super blendable.  Don’t know bout you, but o not appreciate brows that stand out TOO-MUCH… dan lyk jy soos  “wie kom da aan?!”

The highlighter is DA bomb dot com !

Super super pigmented. So be careful and blend nicely.

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