Adam’s DIY Ruff Ruff Rescue paw-ty

Paw Patrol, paw patrol will be there on the double!
When ever there’s a problem, ’round Aventure Bay, Ryder and his team of pups will come and save the day. Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye, Yeah!
hey are on the way!…

Sound familiar?!
You are probably singing this theme song now!
That’s what you get when a hit kiddies tv show with 8 dogs, is added to the life a five year old boy obsessed with all of them! Our Adam recently turned five and really wanted a party and this Mom who said she’ll only have a birthday party again when he is 10, gave in a planned a party in 2 weeks flat.
This time round with Adam’s 5th birthday, I really thought that the paw patrol phase would have passed, but alas!  Adam still loves all things paw patrol and the pups.
Things were a little bit easier with Adam being very clear from the start that Marshal the fire pup is his absolute favourite.  This means Lieutenant Mom could have some fiery fun with creating some party elements for his party.

The Colour scheme:
– red, yellow, black & white

– Marshall’s Ruff Ruff Rescue

DIY items:
– cupcake toppers
– Party bags
– jelly cups
– party cups
– party snack tags
– canvas boards with Adam’s artwork

I used one single image of the character Marshall to design most of the items for the party.

Adam wants to be a Fireman “when I grow up to to big…” so I played around with all things firefighter.
The snacks were all puppy and fire related as well as the games we set up.
We decided to go with the venue where we had Adam’s 1st Birthday party- Treasureland.
The venue allows one party at a time and it is so spacious.
Kids are never ready to leave and Maggie is always ready to assist with whatever Mom has forgotten about.

In no time the stickers were printed and the bags were made up.  Cupcakes and doughnuts were ordered from my Spar. It’s Cookie Time also came to mz recue with super cool themed cookies the kids enjoyed.
We had some DIY games for the kids too.
I 2m “fire” board with holes and a few beanbags for them to aim and try “throw out” the fire.  The cuptower and spray bottles were also a hit, kids had to aim and spray the “fire extinguisher” to try and get the fire out.
A bit messy, but this Mom loves messy play!
I decided to go with a Sunday afternoon slot and served cake and tea and koeksisters.
I mean who says no to a Sunday cuppa tea and something sweet?!
The kids enjoyed themselves and Adam had a blast!
Mom deserves a medal for pulling this off in +- 2weeks!


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