Back to fruity! *R E V I E W*

Sometimes in life we divert back to what we know.

Things we know really work.

Things we trust… right?!

Well I have decided to hop onto the trust train again and trust the facial care range that once worked for me before all the other stuffs.

Yeah I kinda used every single skin care range on every South African shelf that ever there was!

From oily skin to combination skin to then dry skin and then even to sensitive skin that was caused by products that was too harsh for my skin type.

So I stopped using everything!  I then used nothing.  But this was also not okay.  In summer I looked like a vetkoek that just came out of the pot of oil and then it’s not even 13h00 … Oil everywhere!  In winter I started peeling and my skin was dry.

The “vetkoek” proof…

Then GARNIeR in 2006 the GARNIeR Even Tone phase kicked off.

I started using the face wash and toner and mattifying moisturiser!

Just looking at it made me feels all fresh!

I stopped using it.  Don’t ask me why.  Something else also pretty must have caught my eye.  But these days I have moved back to the land of fruity things!

Yes I am using GARNIeR again.  Not the complete even care range, because by now I am a bit wiser and not a teenager who wants to try pretty things.

So I use the following:

The GARNIeR Gentle Clarifying Foam (Face Wash)

GARNIeR Fresh Cleansing Lotion – Start Afresh (make-up remover)


Gentle wash, Fresh Toner and Matte complexion cream.

I use the Gently clarifying foam in the mornings and at night.

It has really helped even out my skin tone.

It cleanses and clears my skin, restoring a beautiful radiant complexion.

Yes it contains Pure lemon essence.

Yes Pure lemon essence will totally assist with the restoration of an even tone for your beautiful face.

It’s foamy texture will leave your skin FRESH!

And it retails only at R27,95 at Clicks… and the easy to lather drop of foam wash will have you using this 50ml wash for a good few weeks.

Once washed and feeling fresh I move onto the GARNIeR Oil Control Complete cleansing lotion.

Now this friendly friend toner contains eucalyptus and zinc.  Not just good for your senses but also beneficial for your skin.  As you know oily skin attracts dirt to your skin that usually leads to ache.

But this friend of mine (yes I totally befriend my beauty products,  cause they take care me)…It instantly cleans skin and most definitely wipes away excess oil.

Leaving  my pores fresh, clean and tight!

Now that we’ve washed and toned, let’s get on with the moisture game.

Enter a caption
Because yes even oily or combination skin types like mine needs moisture.

I then apply the GARNIeR Even & Matte Daily Cream.

Retailing around R36,99 this is a fab “skinvestment”…hehehe

This helps with “reduction” of dark marks especially with bad hormone days (of course we have those).

It also promotes even skin tone the best part is that it contains mattifying clay that settles onto your face beautifully.

Leaving your fresh even toned clean face all set for the day not forgetting “shine free”.

Want in on a secret?

This is my make-up primer!

Speaking of which… so I have a clean fresh face with gorgeous make-up to enhance features… then after a fabulous day with 3 meetings and 2 make-up touch ups you needs to get the make-up off again!

Meet my other friend…

GARNIeR – Fresh Cleansing Lotion – Start Afresh with Lotus flower.

It is fab-u-lous!

Smooth and non greasy (yay)!

Is smells amazing and soooooo fresh and can be used for normal to combination skin skin types.

This is my go to make-up remover!

So easy to use and it easily wipes waterproof mascara when used on a cotton pad.

Yes you can definitely use it if you have a bit of a sensitive skin type.

Let’s face it … I was not gonna do the 3-step-facial-cleansing-routine after getting in at 3AM after a late night gig.

So #ThankYou GARNIeR

What facial care range are you currently trusting?

Love & Laughter


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