Beaucience PRO is a must!


Hello beautiful, just popping by to say hi … and to drop a quick review.

So I got to try out the Beaucience Professional range!


Here’s the thing, I like the idea of supporting proudly SA brands but also, this is a natural product range and I get to try it out and also introduce my clients to this fab range.

So for  a while now I have been using the Beaucience Hydrating Cleansing Milk.

Honest opinion?

I really feels like milk on my skin.

Clean, fresh and smooth.

The scent is natural and soft.

The cleansing milk uplifts my pores, works away dead skin cells and excess sebum, while not stripping the skin it of its natural oils.

It is also rich in evening primrose oil and wheat germ oil, this milk has high anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties… like real natural goodness, specially for your face.

I especially love using this after a show and a show night of wearing make-up… you know when you get home after 2AM and you start getting the feels cause you just wanne go to bed, but you still have to wipe off all your make-up… Yip!

The cleansing milk left my skin smooth and nurtured while natural plant extracts such as aloe vera and witch hazel tone the skin, and keeps the skin cells protected.

Bottle size:

It comes in a 500ml bottle

Value: Yes!

What makes Beaucience Botanicals so unique:

  • 100% natural peptide based formulations is used throughout the range.
  • Eco certified Peptide technology called Proteasyl.
  • No artificial fragrances are used and smells oh so clean
  • Not tested on animals
  • Trials and research have been performed in South Africa on South African population.
  • The Beaucience botanicals manufacturer is certified by the Soil Association for organic standards.


Check out the Health & Beauty section


Their fabulous Biosafe Hand Sanitising Gel also goes wonders to my skin before and after doing a client’s make-up.

My hands are clean and yes this also means I get to reduce the risk of contamination and exposure to impurities that cause illness.

It comes in a 400ml tube and this tube will fit info any make up kit.

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