Dark days…and how to get on out of it! (BLACK FRIDAY 2018)

Thought I had it figured out.

But I am weak and so I need to admit that I cannot live without you.

I have tried, but I have failed.

I just cannot live with you.

So I am chasing the BLACK FRIDAY darkness.

My dear Samsung Eco Bubble, I miss you.

Let’s admit, no woman can live without her washing machine.

Unless you like me thought you had it all figured out and then reality hit you hard.

My dream machine has decided to drop her day job as washing machine, she is now a model.

Like a beautiful antique she stands there all shiny but does nothing.

Allow me to sing her praises for the excellent work she did for me and my family over the last six years, but allow me to also have a moment of silence to say my goodbyes.

The last few weeks have been heavy tough with the burden of having to make regular trips to the laundromat, pkus traveling amd also fitting in rehearsals for a show I am working on.

The Samsung Eco Bubble has modern technology to save litres of water and a whole lot of washing powder too. Of course we played with the option of having it fixed, but unfortunately it costs the price of a new machine.  Here’s the thing, the service for a Mercedes-Benz won’t ever cost the same as a service for an Uno… EK Sê MAAR NET…

Now I am outa here chasing every special and promo in search of a new darling washing machine.

Like alarm is all set and I’m waiting for 12 to see the online deals.

Thank goodness Travelstart is always a step ahead.

They’ve put together this nifty little list with 14 points to bag the best black Friday deals!

With 2018 wrapping up, you might also want to go ahead and start planning your 2019 get away, so have a look at the Travelstart Black FLYDAY deals with amazing discounted flights from only R479.

I am definitely ticking off these points …

How about you? Shopping for anything specific with this year’s BLACK FRIDAY deals?

Wish me luck!

Love & Laughter

Big Mouth Rae






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