DAY ZERO post grind chats…

In between the craziness that was this past weekend, post grind I had the opportunity to sit down and chat to the guys.

Apart from getting a hellva tummy muscle work out, thanks to the laughs collected from each of their sets, I had to stop after each question, otherwise I would not have made it pass question number three.

Try and interview four comics at once, go ahead I dare you!

I recorded the interview and will try my best to share it with you via the blog… Here and there I missed a question but here is my attempt at getting to know them a little better along with some simple yet challenging questions…


Q1. Describe your favourite colour to somebody who is blind…

Carl:  “On a hot summers day, close your eyes and look up towards the sun.  The feeling on your face that’s my colour, orange.”

Dalin: “My Caucasian friends say I am off-pale.”

KG: “Wait why is this blind guy obsessed with colour?  Okay, I fav colour … you know the thing you see when you are pissed off, that’s my fav colour.”

Yaseen:  “You know when you feeling sad?  That’s my favourite colour.”


Q2.  Who would win a fight between Spiderman and Batman?

Carl: “Batman is just rich, Spiderman for sure. Unless he sprays Spiderman with doom…”

Yaseen:  “Batman!”

Dalin: “Batman!”

KG: “Black panda will win Wakanda forever!”


Q3.  Who was your favourite cartoon character as a child?

Carl: “Bak en Terie!” – Minamoo

KG:  “Captain Planet, (singing) HE’S OUR HERO…”

Dalin:  “Dough.”

Yaseen: “Dark Wing Duck!”

Dalin:  “Wait, Duck Tales, I loved it.  I loved how they would swim in the money, in the vault nogals.”

Carl:  “Ja!  They had so much money, but Scrooch McDuck couldn’t afford to pay off the rest of his shoes…”


Q4.  Which animal would make the best type of president if the animal kingdom ever rises up and takes over?

Carl: “A Bunny would make the best president!”

Dalin :  “I say a giraffe cause he will see everything coming…”

Yaseen:  “I will put a bird down as the minister of finance, cause then he’ll give the Budgy Speech…”

Carl:  “I don’t think so because if that giraffe’s throat is sore, he is down for a month.”

Dalin:  “Can Pedro the music man be president?”

Yaseen:  “Yoh I saw Pedro in Mowbray the other day – he looks old now…”

Q5.  Best music album?

Carl:  “Album?”

Rae:  “Yes, album…”

Carl:  “Oh the wedding album. All the photos are the best…”

KG: “Now 49!”

Dalin: “Red Hot Chilli Peppers – By the way

Yaseen: “Justin Timberlake’s – Justify


Q6. Would you rather explore a new planet, or the deepest parts of the ocean? Why?

Yaseen:  “Hey that used to be one of Dalin’s pick up lines.”

Dalin:  “I wane find the lost city of atlantis…”

Yaseen: “On a serious note, you know we know more about space then we know about the ocean…”

Carl:  “You know the largest population of bottle-nose dolphins are here in PE?”

Dalin:  “…and in Cape Town?”

Carl:  “Botllenose uncles…”

Dalin: “Why?”

Carl:  “They suip!”

Yaseen:  “Bottlenose uncle, and uncle knows bottle!”


Q7.  What’s your favourite season?

Carl: “Season 3 of 7de Laan when Oubaas was still young – he was called Sebastien back then.”

Dalin:  “When I don’t have sinus.”

Yaseen:  “Didn’t Oubaas and his motjie split up?”

Carl: “Summer definitely.”

Dalin: “Shorts en sloffies weather.”


Q8.  Favourite sports team?

Dalin:  “St. Augustus cricket club.”

Yaseen:  “Slitherin ja…they did great work in the 2nd movie.”

Carl:  “It’s called the interseptors, it’s my Uncle’s dart club.”


Q9.  Why did you choose your profession?

KG:  “It was the only thing I was good at…”

Yaseen:  “Comedy chose me! Well it was either a stripper or comedian…”


Okay, so I had a few more questions we did not cover because the food arrived and we were all really lekke honger so we ate!

But in between eating and laughing, we got to talk about the real deal of water shortage and alle grappies op ‘n stokkie, DAY ZERO is scary!

It was after 22:00 one night when I came across a picture shared via social media, where people in Cape Town were in a super long cue waiting to get water.

It hit me real hard, thinking that this could be us down in PE.

I can’t really remember being one to waste, but I admit I do sometimes take things for granted.

I guess this got me thinking and I then did what I can to try and find a few ways to save some water at home.

Of course I was going to ask the guys for a few tips… epic fail!

Dalin reckons cat litter is a good move, think about it …

Carl says the brick in the toilet works, but not IN the toilet…

LOL!  This is not going to help…

I am adding my 5 cents to the current water situation in the hope that it might encourage or teach you one simple thing.

Share, like or laugh… this is what I have been doing and will continue to do, as I try and teach Adam to be water-wise and save water even if just one drop at a time.

  1.  A stone or brick in your toilet cistern will reset the water pressure, using less water per flush.  Not too big, but ig enough.
    Key word:  CISTERN
  2. Stock up on some paper towel.  It will cost a extra cent to but save a few rand in the long run.
    Key word:  SAVE
  3. Use eco friendly cleaning products that are safe for reuse when watering plants.
    Key word:  REUSE
  4. For bathroom cleaning – vinegar is King!  You can use less water or even non when using white or apple cider vinegar for cleaning the bathroom. Vinegar + essential oil = Waterless cleaning.
    If you’re like me and you’re cool with the cleaning power, but have to grab a peg to keep you nose closed while doing the cleaning, try adding 10-20 drops of  essential oils.  The lavender or peppermint especially works well.
    Key word:  WATERLESS
  5. Wetwipes!  Wetwipes! Wetwipes! Adam knows, reach for the wetwipes to clean hands, face and anything sticky.  Mom knows that the cotton wool swaps and Garnier Micellar water works best for make-up removing and facial cleansing.
    Key word:  CLEAN

Again, I am no expert nor a plumber.  Share, like or laugh… but this works for us…
What are you doing to save some water?


Big Mouth Rae 


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