Okay so this palette has traveled with me EVERYWHERE!
And I have lost count of how many looks I have created with the shades so far,
The eyeshadow colours are super pigmented with very little to almost zero fallout.
Nou wat is fallout you ask?
You know when you started playing around with the smokey eye and you used the black shadow… remember when some of the dusty bits of the black shadow fell on your cheek and you tried to wipe it then your sexy cat when black panther on you?
That little bit of product that fell on your cheek, that was the fallout of the shadow.

Back to DUPE FACTORIE, the texture of the shadows are beautifully soft and buttery and blends amazingly well. With the help of The Beauty Store owner Gill, I went with the 35G palette.  The shades are matte and also shimmer and metallic like, giving you plenty of options to blend between nude shades and also a few bold plum blends.  The palette carries one of my absolute rose gold shades and I am super impressed with the quality of the shadows.  The rest of the shades are perfect for a monochrome eyelook but can also easily be used for any cutcrease eyelooks.

I purchased the super amazing palette at The Beauty Store in Port Elizabeth and will definitely purchase another.

Until next time beautiful!
Love & Laughter
Big Mouth Rae


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