F_ace E_verything A_nd R_ise





We all experience  scary things or some kind of fear in life.

As child.

As adult.

I recently  read the book – The Power of PRAYING THROUGH FEAR written by The Power of a Praying series author – Stormie Omartian.

The last few weeks as an adult,  for me more than ever – I have been praying to get through fear.

Over the holiday Kevin turned his back for 2 seconds and Adam went missing.  He found him a few minutes later unharmed.   A woman had taken him and walked away towards the opposite end of the beach.   When Kevin picked me up from work and told me,  my heart stopped beating for a split second.

I was furious.  When I asked Adam “Why did you go with the stranger boy?   Why didn’t you shout for help? “. My 3year old answered – “No Mom,  the Aunty didn’t hurt me,  the Aunty hold my hand. ”

My heart almost stopped beating again.

I believe this was fear taking over.

Fear kicked in and took over my heart.

Fast forward  to a few days ago when I was robbed.

My handbag with everything in it.

My most valuable  and precious belongings – gone!   Just like that!

A brand new phone, my purse and all my cards with a clients money and wages,  as I would go to the bank after dropping off  Adam… Or at least I thought I would.   This wasn’t  the worst, my wedding rings were also in my bag.

This happened before 8AM in the morning.  Who robs people that time of the day?  Who???

I am trying to let go of these emotions attached to these  material  things but I am afraid I am only  human.

Apart from feeling anxious about  what has happened, fear has packed more then just an overnight bag, and  moved  in again.

It now stays with me.

It wants to take over and control me.

Each time I find myself in a space alone with my thoughts, I feel scared and violated. Thoughts of what the future holds and other things that could go wrong overpower me.

Fear has once again stepped in and it’s  making sure my head can be controlled by what has happened.

You see fear has a way of getting into your head.

It takes over your mind and controls your thoughts.

You then fear so much of life around you.

Because we get different  kinds of fear.

– fear of things

– fear of people

– fear of rejection

– fear of pain

– fear of the future

Fear  steals our joy. 

It enables negative thoughts.

But you’ve  got to be bigger then fear.

You have to be the boss of fear.

You have to show  fear that your faith is bigger.

You have to F_ace E_verything  A_nd R_ise. 

Pray it away and trust that this too shall pass.

Stormie Omartian in her book explores  what fear can do to us.   How it takes control.  She guides us through the biblical truth and understanding of fear.  The book also contains teachings of what to do when fear overcomes  us.   She also lists the right kinda fears we should have.

If fear affects your life or steals your joy or your peace you should get this book.

The book retails at R249.95 at CUM books.

We can’t instantly conquer fear, but we can try a bit every day to kick out fear!

Until next time.

Love & Laughs

Big Mouth Rae

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  1. Wow Rae just read your blog now and I’m sorry that this has taken place. Thank you for sharing your story and through that a testimony. This is something that just tonight my boyfriend and i spoke about FEAR.

    I will definitely buy this book and keep you in my prayers.


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