Goodbye “blu-hair-dye”

Goodbye “blu-hair-dye”…

R E V I E W – Dr Beckmann Stain Remover


A quick DIY hair-colour job turned into a quick disaster when my blue hair-dye mask mixed by Mich landed onto my new bathroom mat.

Ever considered hiding away evidence?!

This was me … thinking how the heck am I going to hide away a blue stain???

My OCD brain would not let it go.

I tried to turn the mat around, maybe the other side is not stained… blond moment!  Of course it is stained.

Next thing I know I am in the kitchen cupboard, trying to find the maybe one of the things on the list I googled… I then found the 75ml little roller bottle I received in the #ECMeetUp goodie bag.  My ODC ways had me put it in the cupboard with the rest of the cleaning things.

I quickly read the instructions, and quickly even managed to tick the workout box when I rolled the stain.  I rolled and rolled the Dr. Beckmann stain roller.

It looked like it’s working!

I dabbed the mat with a damp cloth to remove the residue and rolled some more ofbthe solution onto the blue stain.

This handy little roller can be used for dry cleaning – so if the stain goes away it would be like magic and disappear… and I would not have to hide any evidence because it would be G O N E !

And it did exactly that!

No need to hide the mat or buy a new one…

The stain roller helped be in just under five minutes…

It works fast.

I remember thinking I would have to put the mat in the washing machine afterwards for a quick wash.  But, no need for that. The stain disappeared!!!

Like magic!

This little bottle of magic is definitely going to make my list of “regular buys”!

The result?

Have a look over here and see! Voila!

The lable suggests that the stain  roller removes oil, red wine, coffee and even make-up and it can be used on delicate fabrics.

You should try it. It really works!

Any nasty stains you’ve had to deal with recently?

Until next time.

Love & Laughter

Big Mouth Rae

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