HELLO BABY… +/- 6 years later hey Mama Magic!

It’s about 6 years later since we’ve had to make a trip to shops for all things baby…

Earlier this year some time ago, I picked up a Your Pregnancy magazine and it contained a little supplement booklet – “Best Buys For Baby & Me“.  I found this booklet so helpful, because it contained more than 350 products for baby and Mom.  What a neat way to update a Mom who’s having a baby after almost 6 years! 

Now when reality that we are having another baby decided to sink in, my head went spinning around with thoughts like what to buy and what not to buy for baby number 2… 

I mean let’s face it, there are a number of things you got for baby number 1 that was a tad bit unnecessary.  I could certainly think of a few things… This is normal, of course you want everything of the best for your baby, so to the first time Mom reading this, it’s really okay to splurge… But, sometimes our “oh this is sooooo cute, I want to need it braincells” could be a pocket breaker. 

Fast forward to the reality of having to make a list and doing the shopping  for baby number 2…  Ohhhhhhh sweet glory was I overwhelmed by the baby isles I once knew… There were just so many new products. Some of the products I remember from six years ago are still there too, but so many new things that captured my heart instantly. From sleeping aids to body products, pillows, bathtubs and the list goes on and on and on… I am also surprised to see some of the products I really loved no longer on the shelves and now discontinued.

So after carefully going through the little best buys guide, I made my list... I know what I am definitely going to purchase again…

– the Dreambaby fish bath thermometer

– the Bennetts bum buddy

– Purity Elizabeth Ann’s stain remover

Tommee Tippee bottles and nipple shields, well basically Tommee Tippee everything!

– a medical kit

– Nuk gum brushing kit

– Milton sterilising spray

– Huggies nappies and wetwipes

– Pure Shampoo

As I made the list, I realised that my last working trip to Cape Town (before baby arrives), happens to be the exact same weekend as the Mama Magic Expo!!!

My first time at the Expo and first experience of the magic and oh my, was it one for the books! I imagined it to be like in the movies when they do the whole trolley dash thing… Alas! It was calm, and everyone was so cool.

When we arrived at the CTICC, I made a list and marked the map with the stalls we needed to get to. 

Yes! because I’m that kind of shopper but also, we did not have the whole day like the rest of the CT mommies.  Kevin came along to help prego with the drive, he wasn’t too keen but quickly changed his mind when we learned we could take advantage and catch the Rugby World Cup Springbok match on the big screen while doing shopping and this all before I needed to clock in at the theatre.

It was wonderful to see so many expecting parents in the same room, all with the same goals – learn & save!

There were quite a few brands I had never seen before and a whole lot of the old faithfuls too some of my faves, Huggies, Tommee Tippee, Purity Elizabeth Ann’s and Cherubs.

So here we are in the middle of this huge venue trying to find the marked stalls.

We spot Chelino and head straight for the traveling system.

Then next, the baby city section.

Here we found the most amazing deals on guys, wait for it… Wet wipes!

A box of Huggies wet wipes, a 12 pack for R150!

A bulk pack of 10 Cherubs wet wipes R100.  Do the math, yesssssssss like R10 a pack which normally retails between R25/R27 a pack!

Then the Bennetts stand for the Baby Bum cream, which happens to be my go to bum cream and the Product of the year!  We got a twin 80g banded pack for R104.99. What a save, these retail between R80/R90 for a single tub.

We were also introduced to the brand new Baby Ariel liquid detergent. These also came with a fab expo discount. Two bottles for R79, 99!

Then I lost my mind a little at the Tommee Tippee stand with the great deals and also all the new items they had at the stand. I managed to walk away with the Twist and Click binThis compact bin locks away odours and germs and it wraps the nappies individually as you toss them into the slimline neat bin.  This is the best poop locker that I’ve ever seen and spent money on by far! (LOL!) The steamer blender takes the cake and they now also have a perfect formula prep machine.

I’m sooooooo saving up for that steamer! It sounds like a dream machine that will make Mom’s life much easier. 

One of my absolute favourite stalls I marked to get to, was MonaLisa Mamas. They design & create the most gorgeous and simple handmade, proudly South African mom & baby products.

The MonaLisa Baby Wraps, Nursing Covers and Nursing Arm Pillows provide moms with a stylish, discreet, convenient & gentle way of nursing your little baba at home or in public.  We picked up some cute onsies for baby’s hospital bag.

With the most amazing deals and money savers, this expo was indeed magical!

BABY EXPO MAMAMAGIC is happening again and the 2020 dates are here below:

Joburg Winter Show – The Dome
30 Jul – 2 Aug 2020

Durban Expo Centre
28 Aug – 30 Aug 2020

Cape Town ICC
30 Oct – 1 Nov 2020

Joburg Summer Show- The Dome
26 Nov – 29 Nov 2020

I hope you can make it and save a buck or two too!

What’s the last great bargain you scored?

Love & Laughs



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