Hello Baby: Bennetts

Now I don’t know about you, but if there is one brand I know I can rely on it’s Bennetts For Babies!
With a marvelous range of products that work well, are affordable and reliable for my family.

It’s been a little over 12 months that we’ve been using Bennetts for babies again.
Yes we went with good old faithful for baby number 2.
Bennetts for babies was one of the trusted baby brands I used for Adam and I was so happy to see it still on the shelves, 6 years later. There was absolutely no doubt that I would use it for our new baby too,  I mean it is an award winning brand after all.
Remember my post on how the bum Crème was one of the items I think every Momma should buy in bulk and stock up on…
I’m sticking with it.
Buy Bennetts Bum Crème for babies in bulk!

Because you’re gonna love it and you’re gonna use a loooooooot of it!

I can tell you all about the amazing ingredients each of these products from the Bennetts range contain, but you can find that on the packaging, because they made sure they share all the info clearly.
Well, it’s pretty simple!

Bennetts for babies are suitable from birth.

They don’t test on animals.

Their products has clinically been tested for mildness and has been approved by Dermatologists.

But here’s what we absolutely love about Bennetts For Babies:

Their products are really affordable, and who doesn’t want to save a buck or two during these unprecedented times.

It’s easily available every where.

You don’t have to drive to the baby stores, you can find Bennetts at Spar, PnP, Clicks and even Ackermans. It’s practically available everywhere.

It worked beautifully for both my boys.  So I would recommend it to any Mom.

The whole family enjoys the range.  I use the aqueous cream as a shaving cream and hubby loves their hygiene wipes.

It’s a proudly South African Brand and the  products are made right here in Mzanzi.

Bonus, this brand has been around for over 30 years, so you can trust it!

We’ve used just about every single product in the baby range, and have had such a great experience with both the boys using the range.

The baby bum Crème, the sunblock, the mozzie stick, the nasal spray, sanitizer and the bum buddy are our absolute favourites.

During lockdown they also added hand sanitizer and hygiene wipes to their range.  It was one of the most affordable brands on the shelves when we were all hustling for sanitizing wipes and spray. It contains the 80% alcohol as approved by the WHO  formula. The sanitizer can be used as hand and surface disinfectant and comes in handy 50ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1litre bottles.

This is another staple around our home, our car and mom’s handbag.

The Baby Bum Crème is available in a 75ml tube, 150ml pot and a 300ml tub.

The handy 75ml tube fits nicely into baby’s nappy bag,  the 150ml fits perfectly into your bum buddy and the bigger pot we use to decant. The Bum Crème is a water-resistant moisturizing formula,   that forms an amazing barrier between the wet nappy and baby’s skin and helps prevent nappy rash by keeping baby’s skin so soft. It is gentle enough for everyday use, so we use it for every nappy change to soothe and protect his bum bum. This is why I just knew I had to stock up on this one!

The mozzie stick is gentle and works like a charm. It is suitable from birth. We especially love the citronella and lemon grass scent.

The spf 50 is safe for your newborn and the whole family can use it too. I also found that this is one of the most affordable SPFs on the shelves that’s suited for infants. The light fresh fragranced formula is lightweight and not greasy at all. It’s also water resistant and kids can apply it directly to skin before, during and after swimming.

Their nasal spray makes magic for your little one struggling with a blocked nosey and the alcohol-free formula will help soothe your little one’s dry nosey too. The nozzle works well to get the spray in the little nosey and it comes with a soft and flexible tip nasal aspirator.

They were really considering how busy Mom’s are and really made it easy on us when they decided on the packaging because they’ve made the lids different colours so  you know which one is which, I think this is such a great idea. Less time finding items, more time with baby. Another plus point is that the Creams come in lekker big tubs. They come in a 300ml tub which will lasts longer. I decant mine into a smaller tub so we don’t move around with weights in Asher’s baby bag.  The Bennetts baby range has everything you need.

We saved the best for last, the bum buddy.
This was one of my most loved baby shower gifts for Adam.  So when I received this gift again with Asher’s baby shower I ugly cry-laughed. Asher has been besties with his bum buddy since arriving home from hospital and I cannot tell you how much easier this product makes our lives.
Mom’s buddy.
Baby’s buddy.
Bum’s buddy.
Everyone’s buddy!
It just makes things easier.
Easy to use.
Easy to fill up.
Easy to clean up and sanitize.
It’s the togetherness for me!

The neat container holds your wipes on one end and the baby bum creme on the other end.  Both sides with a easy to open and close lid, so your wipes and bum creme won’t dry out. I remember how much I loved it when Adam was a little baba. And it certainly made our lockdown life less complicated with nappy changes.

Thank you Bennetts!

Here’s to 30 more amazing years!

Bennetts sent us a bag of products for the purpose of this review.  I have been using most of the products prior to Bennetts sending these products.  My opinions however are completely honest and my own.
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