Hello Mr Surfer!

Mr Surfer?

Someone who doesn’t even surf at all…

Keenan Cerff pronounced (Surf) is one of the budding comics on the scene and truly working hard at it.

So who is Keenan?

A comedian straight out of Laverdar Hill, who has been pushing since 2014. Often described as weird shy and quirky, he draws his material from personal experiences of life growing up in Lavender Hill.

The Chelsea FC supporter loves his Italian food and that includes 2 min noodles because that’s also mos noodles.

He dreams of an Audi A3 like in the transporter movie, … “because it just looks kwaai… It’s not too fancy but also not too boring either.”

When asked about his favourite comics on the scene he confirmed international comic Dave Chapelle (please get me tickets to his show) and Mpho Pops!

The 2 min noodle lover recently got the opportunity to share the stage with Trevor Noah and 12 other local rising stars as part of Trevor Noah Nationwild special run in SA.  He describes the experience as absolutely unforgettable.
When I started doing comedy I didn’t feel confident and it took me a few years to feel different, so when I received the call “You’ve been chosen to perform with Trevor… ” It was just incredible!
To be flown up and have accommodation paid for was insane, my own family charged me to stay in a house they own but here I’m getting all things paid for it was just amazing to be honest.
So I was in Johannesburg earlier this year, doing show around like had no idea that I would be scouted while peforming at the Goliath Comedy Club.
I started giving nervous farts instantly when I realised I’m chatting to Trevor Noah’s manager Ryan Harduth.
We chatted and in my mind I’m like OMG this is Trevor’s manager speaking to me…
A few weeks later I get a call from Ryan saying you’ve been chosen by Trevor and I was just frozen.
When he said the show is in Johannesburg, and first thing I said was, I need to check flight costs until he confirmed they will cover it, I must just be ready.
When we recorded our sets to show Trevor, I died on stage… (didn’t perform to well)
Fast forward to showday and I am super nervous but trying to open up myself to the experience and learning about mic checks and camera checks for the angles and to have Trevor around was incredible to see how calm he was before getting onto stage, this was just legendary.
The audience kept me on my toes but I gave it my best.
All I wanted was to make my area and my family proud and my friends too.
It was a bit overwhelming at times with all the questions and seeing the ads on tv and the billboards.
But I feel proud and happy and also nervous  because now I have more reasn to push, I can’t give up.
On stage I’m more confident off stage I’m just trying to make it…
Thank you Trevor.
Thank you for the amazing opportunity.
Look out for this rising star amd follow his journey via the socials…
Love & Laughter
Big Mouth Rae
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