Home making

Home making can be hectic.
I mean not building a house but the things you do or add to your home and  surroundings, something that simply creates a space and adds character.
You want your home to reflect your family and also flow nicely with your lifestyle.
But making a home can be stressful.
It can all be so overwhelming.
Like really really overwhelming.
Like “voettsek!, I give up” kinda overwhelming.
You get it… (I hope!)

A few months ago I worked on a fab project with Builders Warehouse and finally finished up what took us forever to finish up in the kitchen.


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It’s simple. My kitchen went from boring to bold! We stripped the beige tiles 🙅🏽‍♀️ Plastered a wall and gave it new life with the SO SWAMPED colour from @firedearth_modo low sheen range 🙋🏽‍♀️ Added a backsplash and replaced kitchen tops and voila 💁🏽‍♀️ I love the colour combo, what do you think? . . . #collab #sponsored #plaint #DIY #colour #speakcolour #kitchenremodel #kitchendesign #kitchen #interiordesign #kitchendecor #kitchenrenovation #homedecor #remodel #renovation #bathroomremodel #design #kitchensofinstagram #homerenovation #home #kitchencabinets #kitchengoals #kitcheninspo #homedesign #kitchens #kitchenideas #designer #kitcheninspiration #blogger #DIYblogger

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Now the kitchen is my absolute fave place to hang out because every other room annoys me.
Because I must sort things.
I must check and chuck away things and I must buy new things.
Or at least give some older items a new life.

I’m a very sentimental being and let me be the first to admit that makes me a kind of a hoarder mos.
Now whether you are pulling a Marie Kondo or a Martha Stewart is still means that you must put in the time to maintain this new artistic lifestyle.
But life mos happens man, and then things change!

Before we got married, I wanted our home colour theme all shades of grey.
Charcoal, dove grey, white grey, blue grey, man alllllll the kinds of grey that one could find in the paint isle.
Then a few months after baby Adam arrived.
I was obsessed with having a clean look and convinced Kevin it was time for change.
So because I wanted everything open I went with white in the lounge and the bedrooms too.
Fast forward to today, and I have had it with these white walls!
Little sticky hand prints and Handy Andy cloths and I are no longer chomies.
I am tired of trying to convince my OCD thoughts that it’s okay to not clean the wall.

So yes, I am on a proper beat to try and solve some home living issues around here.

And I have decided to share my top room makeover points with you.

  •  Budget!  It’s going to mean going to shops and checking prices before you purchase.  This could save you a rand or a few.  You wouldn’t want your money to run out in the middle of a project or with a wall still in need of a coat or two.
  • Plan!  If you are painting or tiling your kitchen, you might not be able to use your stove.  So plan accordingly – Yay for Pizza night!
  • Be creative!  Your home is your space, so add your personality to it.  Your favourite colours, scents, or textures will be a good place to start.
  • A freshly painted wall will work miracles when creating a new space.  You can instantly give an entire room a whole new look without having to sell your kidney.
  • Add a piece of art or photo frame to a wall.  The clever people say extra bits of texture can help add much needed visual weight to your interiors, which helps determine the tone of the room or how it feels.
  • Buy a plant or two!  Greens are amazing at adding life to your space.  You can even keep your home fresh with some plants assiting with purifying the air.


Happy decorating!
Until next time…
Love & Laughter

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