I love these babies madly! Thank you @kryolansouthafrica ♡





Put all of these makeup items together and voila!

Brand it with some German technique along with a silver mask – I give you Kryolan.

The brand I put my hand on a chopping block for – dramatic?! Yes natuurlik! Because this range is everything!

You might remember my recent purchase and share on the beautiful palette of the ultra colour foundation cremes.  Yip! Same, same my lovely.

Last night I attended the launch of the PE Kryolan Store and ohhhhhh my soul I could rob a bank to get A L L E S as in E V E R Y T H I N G!

They had amazing promotions.

Irresistible promotions.

Sale vouchers and hands up for some spot prizes!  I enjoyed taking my time with everything on offer and everyone was so patient with Big Mouth.  I walked away with some fabulous opening specials and also placed an order for more… hehehe

Hi, I’m Ranique.  And I am an addict. For years and years I have tried to stop. I simply can’t. I love makeup.  It excites me.


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