K bye 2018…

When reality hits you and wakes you up from your deep sleep….

Reality hit me.  It hit me hard.

The year is over.  And I’m still working.

Working towards a dream holiday.

Working so hard that I forgot all about the dream holiday…

This year was literally like that one time I was crazy enough to ride the Cobra at Ratanga Junction… A COMPLETE ROLLER-COASTER!


January started off on a such a bad note and a set back of note, but we got back up and pursued nevertheless.

Feb saw me making some major lifestyle changes with March allowing some great laughs with Conrad and Chester Missing opening up the monthly gig at the hotel.

April was no different with the roll out of Day Zero opening up and selling out PE.

May was magical with Brendon Peel also selling out two performances.

And June… June was the craziest of them all.

The first ever Comedy conference kicked off the first week of June and after a late late late night, I made it right on time to catch my 6AM flight and was able to celebrate Adam’s 4th birthday.

A week later my birthday and Father’s day landed on the same day so we celebrated together.

Another week later Peppa Pig LIVE opens in PE, while we also prep for #NAF18.


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We took the road to Grahamstown every day early mornings to prep for the fest and get some posters up, while the Peppa Pig production team moves into the theatre at the Opera House in PE.

As soon as the Peppa Pig run is over, Freya and I make my our back to Grahamstown to get the rest of our posters and banners up.

Then I pack to go to Durban the same week for BIG 5 running at the Playhouse Theatre.

Stuart and I then roadtripped from Durban to Grahamstown.

Then I make my way to Joburg for the Big 5 run at the Teatro at Monte. We stayed at the gorgeous Maslow at Times Square.


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It’s now August and this month I get to be part of something really cool. I did makeup on a two-day shoot for the models shooting the ad campaign for the latest range of Bronx ladies shoes.


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Why be ordinary? Been working on something supercool launching soon over @bronxwoman_sa

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At the same time we are working on the BIG 5 run for PE’s show later the month. This year we moved venues so it almost feels like we doing it for the first time. But it was a blazing show and event!

A week later I’m all packed and make my way to CT to manage the run for Dalin Oliver’s show at the Baxter Theatre.

Back home and 2 weeks later I say hello again to Cape Town for the BIG 5 run at Grandwest Arena.


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Backstage shenanigans 🤩 with 3 of our 5!

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This time Kevin managed to get a few days off and join me in the Mothercity where we stayed at the gorgeous Table Bay Hotel.


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It’s still October and two weeks later we find ourselves back in Cape Town, this time for Adam. He believed that no kids were allowed in Cape Town because Mom & Father never takes him there. So we decided to take the time and do a fun family mini Vacay and weekend away. The timing was absolutely perfect, with the Paw Patrol LIVE show running at the same theatre I worked at two weeks ago. Adam had the most amazing time. We put together a quick plan to make our trip even more memorable.


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Nov saw me putting together exam question papers and also hustling something new to my daily schedule, rehearsals! Yip, I find myself back in the rehearsal room working on a super exciting kiddies theatre production. We are also working on the last comedy show at the hotel while I push some long hours to mark all the question papers.


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Remember that time I said I think it’s time to get back on stage… 8 years later and here we are! 1 week to go!

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Dating Life with Alfred Adriaan ran for two nights at the Protea Hotel Marine, and at this point I do not know if I want to laugh or cry as we pack up the last show for the year.

I ended off my “working year” at the Christmas Market over at Tramways doing make-up dality for the Grinch.


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Roller-coaster ride you were 2018!

Thank you for the laughter and tears and growth and the change and the love and support…

K bye 2018!


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