The #KFCHeraldFair Saturday September 2nd, an absolute blast!

I cannot say much other then it was fun-tas-tic and I am super proud to have been part of such a magical event! Yes the Q to get into the fair was long, and boring and and and… BUT, this means that it was the place to be in Nelson Mandela Bay and that your FOMO might have turned you into a nasty person cause you missed out on one heck of a fun day…. In PE nogals! Yes in PE at Holmleigh Farmyard. Was it like any other kerk-bazaar? Oh no it wasn’t! Food trucks, shopping stalls and activities for the kids.

Unicorn happiness, all round supplied by the Unicorn Cafe. Along with manicures for the little ladies and who can forget the unicorn rainbow cake!

Boho Chic and Rabitat apparel had their beautiful kids items on sale with some gorgeous items. They also launched their latest must have fashion-fun “jelly-bean” leather shoes for tots and toddlers. ..(insert broody right here!) I wish I had a baby, like a baby-baby. A little baby to dress up in all of these gorgeous things I see. Ai! Sighhhhhh… The bomber jacket was a hit too, These sisters always have something magnificent on offer and I will continue to support this set of #Mompreneurs.

I also loved the Carmien Tea stand. Tea and a whole lot more with these stunning flavoured teas and stylish teapot sets. I tried the new Ginger & Chilli Greentea, and Oh My Gosh it was good. It also helped a great deal with my voice that worked a wee bit overtime with all the talking.

The Cute & Chic party styling stand would have taken the trophy (if there was a trophy), because their stand was so much F-U-N! Owner Farren Foutie, put in so much effort and this showcased exactly how creative and fun her business is. She handed me a little fun brown paper bag with a – Party Survival Kit – to make a planned party less stressful! I love the playful element of this #Mompreneur.

Little Lotus set up class on the lawn for the kiddos and the kids loved it. They ran a competition to see who could hold up yoga pose the longest and has a little lad finish off with a 5 minute something timing that won him the awesome prize. Even Adam tried his luck, but you know my boy, all jump and run and up and down. I think he only held his pose for 20 odd seconds. LOL!

The most fun was over at the KFC jumping castle or should I say barrel and the spinning wheel. Wait what am I even saying?! Everything was fun. Young and old enjoyed great food from the food trucks and coffees and treats all round. The granny who walked away with the Nespresso machine totally stole the shine from young ones with the dance-off on stage. Go Granny!

Cell C gave away the coolest prizes and even set up a charging station for people like me who take a kazillion pictures and clips to stay connected. I also scored big time with Ootrey. Ian and Venean hand delivered a pair of sunnies – Mindy is her name and I will soon tell you all about Mindy so keep your eye on the blog.

I would love to see more of these events in Nelson Mandela Bay. Family fun. Good fun. The kinda fun that sends you to bed with a song in your heart. Smurf kinda fun. Laa-Laa la-la-la-laaaaa, sing a happy song!

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