“kom-pak” Compact life!

kom + pak = Compact life! kom ons pak – kom – pak… compact! Verstaan jy?!… LOL!

I realised that I have become quite the light packer!  Nee rerig!

I take the overnight bag matter serious when traveling these days.

A few basic items and mini toiletries helps a great deal when packing.

Thanks to #ECMeetUp, I am a few sample goodies richer!

So next time, the pretty lady in the isle at Clicks hands you a sample, take it for one day when you have to pack light.

Definitely a travel tip I am not keeping to myself…

Yes so I am sharing a few things helping me really win with being on the road these days.

Your bag is the most important part of traveling, trust me I have learned the hard way.
Look and look until you find the right bag.
Many moons ago, when we were on the road performing 3-4 shows a day, I learned how to pack light.
I searched and searched until I found the right bag.
A medium sized suitcase, turquiouse, and she is still around.
In fact this suitcase has been part of all my amazing journies and that includes going to hospital and leaving with a chubby cheek 4KG baby (insert inlove here…)

1. Once you find the right bag, look well after that bag!


2. Pak alles wat match met alles…  Mix and match clothing items!


3. Do not over-pack, because you only end up bringing back 5 tops you didn’t wear.  Also pack things that won’t need ironing… Kapish!?

4. So I pack my heavier items in my hand luggage and try to pack a small sling bag for just in case… you know, so you don’t have to walk around with a bag full of heavy items wherever you go.

5. Mini toiletries for the win, like anything 50ml is a win, or even smaller then 100ml.  I love packing the Oh So Heavenly travel size thingamajigs because they are golden when it comes to packing minis.

6. Many times I have checked into a city just to find that I have packed my entire make-up kit and only to again find that I did not need everything.  So I have learned the hard way.  I now pack eye palettes with multi-colours and gloss it up!
If you have one of those multi bronzing sticks you use for lips, eyes and cheeks then you know what I’m talking about.  The multi-purpose items can go a long way and they take up less space too.
And if the multi stick or multi palette is not your thing, then opt to just gloss and go!


Love & Laughter
Big Mouth Rae

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