Makeup, camera & action! Behind the scenes… 📷 @daveneprinsloo

It’s not everyday you get one of your absolute fave photographers to send you some snaps of you doing your thing!
But here I find myself over the moon that I got to do makeup for a bride who chose Davene Prinsloo to capture her special day!

When a bride comes for a trial for makeup, I always ask,
“who is your photographer?!”
Sometimes I want to cringe, sometimes I jump for joy.  This was one of those moments.
No really I do, there are some “kans-vatters” out there.
Davene on the other hand not, and I have been a fan for so so long.
I have been dreaming about working with her for the longest time.
In fact, she was top of my list for a maternity shoot back when I was expecting baby Adam.
One of our many wedding photographers (story for another day), gifted us with a maternity shoot, right on time, because Adam was keen to see the outside world and came early (also a story for another day). So I’d have to have another little one then and get her to do the shoot?!

Wag man! Back to the wedding…

I’ve heard and seen brides cry on the day and after the big day when photographers disappoint them. It’s your wedding day, the day you have been dreaming about forever, so the person who captures your day can’t just be anyone.
Like don’t just go with a photographer because your friend used the same photographer or because you think you can’t afford it.  Go with the photographer that puts your mind at ease and your heart at peace.

Now because I am a sharer of things, I put together a list of things I really considered around our wedding photography.

Have a look here below:

  1. Set up a budget!
  2. Know what style you want to go with, more light, less light, moody or not so moody etc.
  3. Meet your photographer in person (skype or WhatsApp video call if you have to)
  4. Make a list and have your questions ready.
  5. Know your venue and play around with ideas to share with your photographer
  6. Check out the photographers experience and past work
  7. Check reviews on social media and ask around if you have to.

These are your most precious memories captured, don’t be hasty with your decision.







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