When Mom-guilt hits you at 2…AM

When Mom-guilt hits you at 2…AM

Let’s get real – Mom-guilt is a thing and such a big thief.

It hits you hard and most of the time when you least expect it or need it…

It robs you from special moments because all you try and do is make up to make sense, to make time, to make amense.

Like at 2AM in the morning when you wake up in complete anxious mode and try put together a plan for the day ahead.

Damn you mom-guilt!

I want to sleep so I can wake up fresh and do the things I need to do…

But then the harsh reality of this mom-guilt hits you.
It then reminds you of the failure you are, and how much you are still going to fail because you are not ticking the boxes.

So I go back to sleep and you try to rely on some rest to help me put things in perspective once you wake up in the morning.

I’m up and make my way to the kitchen but before I switch on the kettle for some coffee I open up the curtains for some light and the windows for some fresh morning air…

I see blue skies and accept that things are going to be okay.

The day is going to be good because the sky looks great.

But then… Another distraction.

Mom-guilt attacks from another angle.

Just when you thought the blue skies had you covered, mom-guilt goes and reminds you that you are a terrible mom for not being on top of things.

So here I am at 6AM in the morning, trying real hard to ignore the jellybean I see lying on the carpet from the corner of my eye… Can you relate?

Focus Mommy dear, we are trying to kick mom-guilt in the butt here!

Because truth be told, I’m allowing mom-guilt to steal my joy in this moment because all I can think of is this silly jellybean that’s on the floor and it’s sending out vibes to all the ants, because next thing you know, the ants are all over the show and now you wish you had just picked up the freaking jellybean and avoided the ants from setting up camp in your lounge.

Gosh ants are difficult to get rid of!

Now I feel bad again because what if some little boy got hold of a shrinking gun and is also now somehow in between all the ants and now I wanne sweep them away…
Have you seen the movie a Bug’s Life?

Back to Mom-guilt…

Stop it!

You thief!

Adam left the jellybean out for Barney.
He wanted to surprise Barney and now mom-guilt has me thinking about it the fact that I am failing at life because my house is a mess.

But now I’ve cut myself off from the fact that my son did something cute.
Something nice.
Something kind.

Mom-guilt can really put you on a trip at times…

A N Y… way Mommy friend, sometimes you have to accept that superwoman also needs to sleep and that you can only do so much.



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