That moment your brush egg plays hide & seek…

So it’s brush cleaning day and I cannot find my brush egg!

H E L P !

I mean I have looked everywhere and this rubber thingamabob just disappeared.
Either it’s playing hide and seek really well or I have lost my nuts because ALL my make-up things are usually together.
Now I have 2 clients booked in 2 days time and I need to clean my brushes.

So I start looking for an alternative or some sort of kamma-kamma brush egg thingamajig to get these babies fresh and clean.

So my tissue oil bottle had this net that’s rubber-like thing around it…
I thought if I use this and pretend it’s a brush egg, it might work and I won’t have to damage my brushes using just my hands to wash it.
The texture was like rubber and just as soft as the silicone the brush egg is made of.

ALAS!  It worked like a bomb.
A really good alternative I tell you.
I took a few snaps to serve as a guide of how I ended up getting my brushes fresh for the booking I have coming up!

I use Johnson’s baby shampoo.
One drop per brush does the trick, depending on the build up of product on your brush.
I dipped my brush in clean water and then gently brushed against the little bottle with the rubber-like net thingamabob.
This is repeated until the brush is clean, just like the brush egg I love so much.
What a fab day of discovery!
I still haven’t found my brush egg but my new rubber wash thing works like a bomb, so I will keep using this one until I find another.

Until next time…
Love & Laughter
Big Mouth Rae

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