Our baby has a name!

Yes! We have a name!

Actually we’ve had a name since we learned we were pregnant.
While Kevin and I are both super sentimental beings, we’ve also always felt as strongly about a good solid name for our babies.
Names are important because it tells a story and adds to your child’s nature and character.

Words are so powerful. They are powerful and go beyond just what you will call your child. What we call our children and the words that we use to do so, will affect how they see and treat themselves. We as parents are given the authority to bless our children in a positive and empowering way, and it all starts with a solid and meaningful name.

Allow me to explain to you how we decided on our boy’s name.
In 2014 we were expecting our first born.  Doctor said it’s a girl, who then later on ended up being a boy.  If you’ve read my last post, you probably laughed about how we had to return all the PINK stuff.

Well, we had a name for our daughter back then, and we always said that we would still want to use the name some day, should we be blessed with a daughter.  So after we learned we would be parents again, we had a name for a little girl but now needed a name for a little boy too.

The name Kiana Leah Roberts needed to match a sibling name, with the powerful tone.  I also loved the fact that “her” name would carry the exact same initials as her Daddy.

We learned that Leah (from the Bible) had a son, his name was Asher.
The connection is amazing.
Asher is a perfect name for our boy.
When we named Adam, we also loved the name Daniel, and also learned that both our Grandfathers were Daniel. But we had already decided on his name and even back then we laughed that, should we have another son one day, his second name would be Daniel for sure.
Another great connection.
Added bonus is that Mom really wanted both her boys names to start with the letter A -and this is how it came to us, our boy will be called



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