Adam 1 week


One week has passed and I have kept my first born alive.

I almost feel like I’ve got this “mom thing” down… but almost doesn’t count!

I have been nervous about a few things, but you know what, the bits that make me nervous also make me tough because the past 7days proved to be challenging but the best reward ever found within the joys of being someones Mother.

I fed him, kept him clean and tried to tell him as many times that I love him.

He is latching beautifully and enjoying his milky, Thanks to the help of my midwife best friend who assisted me at home the day we were discharged.

I can bath him and I don’t feel nervous about my baby slipping.

I haven’t cut his nails I am too nervous.  And his hands are always in his face so we got these cute soft cotton mittens we put on so he doesn’t scratch himself.

I am winning on the cord side of things because his cord fell off this week as well and looks good.

These Huggies newborn nappies with cut-out on the tummy to protect the cord area are just the best!

The swaddling also works like a bomb, helps him sleep and keeps him warm.

This week I have managed to take good care of Adam’s cute little bum too.  No nappy rash!
That is one thing I am super nervous about – keeping the bum bum rashfree.
Thanks to the Bennett’s bum buddy.
The Bennetts Bum Buddy is a container that contains Bennetts Baby Bum Crème plus Bennetts Baby Wipes.
So the next time you need to change a nappy, all you have to do is – wipe, clean and cream.
Such an amazing gift because it can be refilled.

My mother has been a great help.  And Kevin is hands on too, I have no idea how I am going to do this when he goes back to work next week.

We had our first week check up and Adam gained 400 grams this week.

This also meant 1st time leaving home, 1st time packing nappy bag and 1st case of car seat paranoia.

He is healthy and Dr is happy with the 400 grams he picked up and he now weighs in at 4,4kg.

I was a bit worried because we never made it to our 37week check-up before Adam arrived.

But we are so grateful to God for blessing us with this healthy (big) boy.

Adam Bryce Roberts 10.06.2014

Until next time..
Big Mouth New Mommy

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