Reuse | Reduce | Recycle – DIY candy J A R S

Some ribbon and lace, some fabric glue and voila!

These jars are always such a win for any party or table setting.

I did these for baby Micah’s baptism this past weekend and loved how the dusty pink and white lace added colour and chic to our table setting.
Shelaine loves chic and vintage decor, so we pulled it off by putting together the colours mauve, dusty pink, cream and white.

Lace. satin and crushed taffeta fabrics and satin ribbon for the jars.

I love how the jars came out, and they could be used for so many things on the table.
Flowers, cutlery, sweets, dip or sauces or candles …anything!

Next time you want to throw away a jar, think of how you could make it pretty and recycle it.





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