SA brands stealing my 🖤 right now

I am a closet showgirl! There I said it…

Every chance I get, if I could, I would, without a doubt wear bling!

Even to breakfast or just for sommer ma net!

I appreciate anything shiny and adore SEQUINS!

I guess you can say my showgirl ways never left me… my not-so mild appreciation for shiny garments stem from my performing days. I loved dressing up for stage and my fondest memories are those of wearing the most exquisite shiny costumes.

So the minute I came across their instagram profile, I fell madly inlove with Ruff Tung.


Their designs are sparkling gorgeous, fun yet sophisticated.
I still dream about the gold number Belinda Davids wore during one of her Whitney Houstan Tribute performances.
I also remember how Shimmy Isaacs and Angel Campey stole the show when rocked their Ruff Tung designs at a few awards ceremonies. The jumpsuits are my fave. And they encourage body positivity as they believe anyone could rock a jumpsuit!

Onto the next – Streetline Apparel

Simple street style designs.

Simple & classy.

Classy but with a bit of edge.

Another one of my faves included in their range without a doubt —> the harem pants!
I love how they style these up or down.
Harem pants for president!
I especially adore one of their older ranges BLACK EDITION, because you know me and and black have a thing going on…
They’ve just launched their latest range, go check it out!

Krulkop Society is a proudly PE brand that is constantly pushing to nurture positivity.

Each t-shirt slogan has a story behind it and each gift option is put together with someone special in mind. The brand encourages natural hair crowns and the positivity around accepting your natural beauty.  The message quickly spread from PE and hit all parts of our beautiful South Africa.

Duck Apparel is another proudly Eastern Cape brand.

They have the cutest novelty neck pillows, perfect for travelling as well as a range of 100% silk scarves.

These make the best gifts.

Their duck down jackets are bright and fun and they are also currently running a special!  Go check it out and give them a follow!

The above mentioned brands did not pay me to say nice things.
I genuinely LOVE them and feel proud that these talented peeps are making waves in SA fashion!

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