sit my ini Durban box…


I love Durban – for so many reasons.
I haven’t been to Durban since 2013… and I do know a lot can change in 5 years.
I remember it being fab but I couldn’t do that much site seeing, because you can only do so much, when one goes away to work…

I am a Summer child, so I love the Durban weather.

I remember a great curry buffet spot – Jaipur, some great Thai cuisine at Bangkok Wok and also the beautiful uShaka Marine.
The food makes me want to be kwaai and write a whole novel, well at least in my mind I have that much to say about the great dishes – and even the cutlery and the crockery too… gwah!
I also have the the most amazing memories of when Leandi, Chrisna and I traveled to Durban when my waist was still a size 6 back in the day… (insert LOL gou-gou here)

Straight after we landed, we went to Gateway Mall and Leandi grabbed the Easter Bunny’s bum!

Always fun from shopping, to ending up in a bathtub with all your clothes… Story for another day! But the time spent with those two… Those were the best!

Fast-forward tp 2018 and this time round, my trip to Durban was nothing but amazing  .. The food, great company and one or two new experiences.

Firstly, I absolutely love the Aha Gateway Hotel.  It’s simple and stylish and conveniently attached to The Gateway Theatre of Shopping.

Secondly, the Playhouse theatre is a gem and the space was epic to kick off the Big 5 Comedy tour. It was real good to work in this space.

Thirdly, Starbucks is nice, but not all the fuss, but hey, I can tick that off my bucket list.


Fourthly, there are still a whole lot a people using the payphone in Durban, like for reals the one with silver knoppies and all.
Daar is a payphone om elke hoek en draai!  Even on Florida road!

Fifthly, Durban people and Uncle Johny don’t mess around with bunnies and arm length roti’s… Everything was delish!

And lastly, the highlight – The Oyster Box Hotel is as fabulous as everyone says it is.  Great service and glorious food.


We also popped in at The Chairman after the show, such a cool spot.


I made some new memories in Durban this time and would love to go back to enjoy a few more new experiences.
If anyone asks me if I’d go again, I’d say – “Sit my ini Durban box asseblief!”

What about you?

Location:  CAR, we are currently on our way to Grahamstown for this year’s #NAF18!

Until next time…

Love & Laughter
Big Mouth Rae

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