T H I S – G I R L ain’t going anywhere!

When the music starts playing and it hits you hard from the first line …

Emotions combined with just the right kind of beat, uplifting to anyone’s soul – this is going to a nice one Lauren, I can tell!

Walk into any CUM book store right now and Lauren Daigle’s album is marked number 1 best selling album.

“Look Up Child” touched me emotionally and uplifted me and just when I needed a little bit motivation …

Towards the end of the year one heart sways up and down and towards the need to reflect. Sometimes it can be a great story to look back on and other times you just want to fast-forward to the end of the story…

Listening to this album has been a real reminder of the “roller-coaster-ride” of life we sometimes find ourselves on… just me?
Number 10 in the album is spot on.
“I Remember” serves as a beautiful reminder of how we journey through life.
When you feel like you are carrying the weight of the world…
When everything feels like its crashing down…

God has been faithful!

“Even when my own eyes could not see
You were there, always there
I will lift my eyes even in the pain
Above all the lies, I know You can make a way
I have seen giants fall, I have seen mountains move
I have seen waters part because of You
I remember (I remember) I remember (I remember)
You have always been faithful to me”

Lauren Daigle is the girl who during her third American Idol attempt realised she wanted a future in Christian music – and my goodness are we grateful God touched her.
This 13 track album is so uplifting and when you play the opening track “Still Rolling”, your spirit is instantly touched and you feel alive through this vibrant song.
“All at once I came alive
This beating heart, these open eyes
The grave let go
The darkness should have known
(You’re still rolling rolling, you’re still rolling rolling oh)
You’re still rolling stones
(You’re still rolling rolling oh)
You’re still rolling stones”

You might also even think you are listening to Adele, as Lauren steps into the wild side with her soulful vocals inspired by classics like Roberta Flack and Aretha Franklin, plus some added Daigle’s Louisiana roots.
I offered someone a lift the other day, the album was playing and he was convinced that he is listening to Adele.
After telling him about Lauren Daigle, he immediately commented – “Wow!  This is some other kind of Christian music, I like it!”
And I have to agree with him.

Our local commercial radio station Algoa FM even added “You Say” to their playlist.

If you enjoy Kerry Roberts or Mandisa – you will instantly appreciate Lauren Daigle’s music.

Each track carries a powerful message and pulls you into the message in song combined by incredible vocals.

The album with catchy melodies, to reggae jive, sweeping orchestral ballads to back beat vibe, Look Up Child reminds the listener to find joy amidst strife and hold onto the hopeful light.

My absolute favourite track on the album is “This Girl”…
“I’ve been a winding road, oh, I know You know
Sometimes a stranger in my home
Keep going back and forth through the open door
I’m still learning to be still

This girl ain’t going anywhere
This girl ain’t going anywhere-ere-ere
I can promise You this, now I know for sure
This girl ain’t going anywhere

I’ve run for miles and lost sight of where You are
But You have seen me all along
Maybe I’m the last to know when I’ve gone too far
And yet I’m always by Your side

This girl ain’t going anywhere…”

What a powerful song.
No matter how difficult things are and no matter how crazy life gets, we keep fighting for what we believe in.
The dreams.
The hopes.

We keep moving forward…

In an interview with Jim Asker (Charts manager for Billboard.com), she said, “I want this to be such a record of joy, such a record of hope, that people experience a childlikeness again.

The album retails at R129.95 at CUM Books.

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