That time I wanted my boob back…

I am breastfeeding exclusively and it’s going well… Adam’s favourite position is on Mommy’s boob… I am enjoying the bonding time with my boy and the comfort of breastfeeding. Me, Adam and our feeding-pillow are real good buddies. It’s like our quiet time. I prefer to sit up and breastfeed, I feel more alert when I sit up. That and 5 lives of candy crush to keep me awake… Adam loves his milky and I am so happy that I am able to breastfeed…

EVERYTHING is going well for us in this department, well at least until this day …

“Kevin! Can you come home right now!…”

I remember those words as if it was yesterday. Next thing I know the nursing sister is “ruk en plikking” me checking my BP, and blood sugar en goetes… I am tired. Kaput! Uit gedroog!

Adam is a few weeks old, I have just about started moving fast enough to use the vacuum.

This is the day I decided… ” I want my boob back!” Adam had been drinking non-stop. He was milking me! On this day he was off and on each booby from hour to hour. I realised that my plan to go with scheduled feeding is about to flop. I took my cue from him and decided to try demand feeding. It was around 13:40 and I have not yet expressed for the day. I feel pap and I also have not eaten. Adam drinks, burbs, sleeps for 10-15min and drinks again… I am not feeling well and each time I attempt to put him down he just won’t settle. I manage to make a cup of tea. We’re back on the booby. It went on for the entire morning until I realised it’s almost 14:00. I could not make a second cup of tea. I really need to nap. But I also need to eat! My head started pounding. Adam has not settled yet. Back on the other booby. I cannot rest…


… I called Kevin and said

“Kevin! Can you come home right now! I feel really funny…”

When we got to the emergency clinic, the sister gave me a piece of her mind and reminded me to look after myself and that I need to eat properly, drink enough and rest more. My body was dehydrated and would not do anything if I continue this way, she said. I then realised there and then, that I need to think differently.

I then remembered the sentiments I had before Adam arrived. The hopes I had for bonding and feeding my little man. I decided to take charge. My friend Marjiedah who’s boy was born few days before Adam, told me about Jungle Juice. Off we go to the Nature’s Own Pharmacy to get the goodies on the list. Kevin then mixed the jungle juice and this really helped me.

– My energy levels were up

– My milk supply was up

– My body was well hydrated

– My immune was boosted

Thank goodness for Schlehen Tonic!

Thank goodness for the pep-talk the nursing sister gave me.

Thank goodness for Marjiedah’s suggestion.

It really hit me that I was able to do something not all mommies are able to do. And so I need to enjoy this privilege and honour my body for allowing me to produce magical milk for my little boy. I took me back to those precious moments of preggo-thoughts… the thoughts and feels of a young mom before her baby arrives.

I remembered…

I remembered deciding that I am going to do everything in my willpower to breastfeed my baby.

I remembered thinking that no matter how painful (they say it is), THAT I WILL PUSH THROUGH.

I remembered sitting and hoping that my “milk truck” arrives sooner rather than later, once Adam is born.

I remembered feeling anxious, wondering if he’ll latch okay.

I remembered praying that I will have a good enough milk supply. I also remembered the Mommy next to me. She could not breastfeed at all. Milk truck arrived, baby was latching, and she pushed through the pain. But the eczema was too extreme.

And then I counted myself blessed.

Every felt like you wanted your boob back during those “moeg en lam” breastfeeding times?

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  1. Oh wow! Well done mama! I love breastfeeding, but it definitely has it moments of uhm.. yeah this is attached to my body now boy!


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