The last 3weeks have been theeee most exhilarating! Thank You @nationalartsfestival #NAF17

We worked.

We worked some more.

We worked again.

We pulled of the greatest TEAM effort! With 10 shows on the cards, Kevin and I yet again made a monster TEAM!

Hours of planning and prep work goes into the 11 days of amazing.

Ask us, we know…

A few weeks ago, The Herald published an interview I did with them a while ago.  I remember being very clear about the fact that Big Mouth does a lot of labour, really, no glam-glam high heels and ballgown red-carpet labour, but real “ouch, I have 12 blisters” moments.  Yet it’s funny that yesterday someone still referred to our “dreamjobs” being glamorous.


As much as I could not have done without my partner and team, there were some things only I could do!

Sometimes I freak out and turn into a ball of stress, but this year was such a big a test for me.  It meant driving on my own to get to Grahamstown and continue the job, while my other half stays behind with our little man.

Luckily for me, the comics teach and inspire me every single day!

We have so much fun when we are on the road, but we are learning constantly.

They inspire me to do more for this ever growing industry!

This year, I even had time to watch some shows.

Every year I watch the shows we work on, this year we were relaxed and we had a little bit more fun.  I didn’t realise how much I missed being an audience member.

I even managed to post a short blog post on festival shopping.

We found a Mastertons spot over at NOOM!

Yes I discovered Noom…

Oh My gosh!

5 minutes in, and I can already tell I am going to be so broke!  Because I want to buy every single thing here…

The Decor!


The cakes!

The Shoes!

Rosie Toes…

Dalin even made sure I enjoyed 1 day to sleep in… which meant a super power boost for me after all the late nights and early mornings.

The hustle is real.  Things get tough out here and my body takes strain and things could become a tad bit overwhelming.

Exhausting but oh so exhilarating!

I am not complaining, maybe just venting.  Because all I hear people say and think is that this is a glam job, and running your own business is so great and you have your own hours and and and… But only a limited amout of peeps understand the hustle.  

Peeps might see your vision but let me tell you…

I am still a Wife, Mom, Sister, Friend, Cleaner, Baker, Plumber,

Next time you

Until next time,


Big Mouth Rae



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