6 months old – we have a eater!

This facey is 6 months old today!
He loves watching soccer with Dad and absolutely loves his bubble bathes.
I have also introduced solids this week.
Some rice cereal and apples with a hint of cinnamon,
He cries for more, so that makes my mommy-heart super happy.
He took so well to his cereal and also the texture and flavour of the apples.
I am so happy I invested in a blending stick, it helps blend his fruit and veggies perfectly smooth.

We bought him the Chelino feeding chair and other than it looking awesome with all it’s bright colours, it also folds into a table and chair.  So we will use this for quite a while.

He now also sits up perfectly and doesn’t need support to sit up.

We also welcomed two teeth this week, they have been peeking at us for the last few weeks but they are finally out.
This beautiful discovery was made while breastfeeding – the joys!


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