TIME after TIME…

So it’s been a minute…
No wait, it’s been a month!

Already… just the other day I sat down with a note book and pen to make a list of
“what to cook for Christmas dinner”…
And here we are now just about ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

I am reminded of how time flies.
Last year this time I had a huge tummy and my belly button disappeared.
Here now this year I find myself making plans for my little Adam’s 1st birthday party.
I mean just like yesterday, the other day, a few months ago he was my “not so small” newborn.
And now a little dude who sits on his own, eats his flings in his bowl one at a time and these days shows his Dad he can stand up in his cot on his own!

Time after time, year after year.
We grow.
Things change.
We change.
But the one thing that never changes is time.
It’s pace.
It’s cycle.
It’s minutes.
And it’s seconds.

10 Full months still ahead and I’m smiling at 2015!
I smile because as much as I fear the never changing time I don’t fear the changes of each minute and second and what it will bring in 2015.

I’d like you too to not fear all the changes.
But to time after time remind yourself to live each minute and each second as if it’s your last.
I’d like you to embrace time.
It’s changes.
It’s pace.
And it’s cycle.

Now i thought I’d share these creative ideas with you ….
Time after Time!


How’s this for some DIY?
Pretty simple ey?


And for the DIY Moms…
A simple yet significant way to “make time stand still”.
Beautiful memories of your kids’ birth times.

Time after Time!

“But what minutes! Count them by sensation, and not by calendars, and each moment is a day.”

~Benjamin Disraeli

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