TOMMEE TIPPEE “all you need” kit

Okay, who hit the fast forward button?!
I mean just the other day I peed on a stick…
Now our boy is almost 9 months old!

This journey has been something else.
Having a baby in lockdown and fighting a life threatening illness has been a real game changer.
But, I am calm.
I have been calm, a little sad at times, but calm.
I was really sad that we couldn’t see family, and it felt unfair knowing that our family missed out on so much precious moments with baby Asher, but I won’t lie, I loved the extra time with my little family!

Upon my hospital admission drama, you might have read in my previous post
Asher was 3 weeks old when I was admitted and I couldn’t be more grateful for this purchase we made when I was just over 20 weeks pregnant.  There are so many starter kits on the shelves, but I tell you the Tommee Tippee Microwave Steam Steriliser & Breast Pump Kit really is the “all you need” kit.

Breastfeeding was so much harder the second time round, I think it’s because something about me being placed in a position to “give up” made me want to fight even harder and not give up.  I remember sitting up in that hospital bed, sobbing, trying to express and encouraging myself to get every single drop to send home to baby.  Fast forward weeks after being discharged, in the midst of a pandemic…I remember telling Kevin a few times, how happy I was that we got this specific kit and I did not regret all the money we spent on the this kit.  It helped us along with the EVERYTHING we needed during lockdown, and I really mean it, because every single thing in the kit was a must have.  We just added the bottle brush and we were all set.  Thank goodness we got this kit when we did. We only recently needed to buy new 340ml bottles and more fast flow teats. Yes, big boy is almost ready for a sippy cup.

The kit contains ALL of these items below and retails for around R2000/R2200:
1 x Microwave Steam Steriliser,
1 x Manual Breast Pump,
4 x Closer to Nature 260ml bottles with slow flow teats,
2 x Closer to Nature 150ml bottles with slow flow teats,
2 x Insulated Bottle Bags,
2 x Milk Feeding Bibs,
50 x Disposable Breast Pads,
2 x 0-6m soothers,
2 x Closer to Nature medium flow teats,
2 x Closer to Nature fast flow teats,
4 x Milk storage lids,
1 x teat tongs

Little babes don’t have much of an immune system at birth, so this means that we need to always take extra care with their bottles and teats and we need to clean it well to prevent nasty bacteria and germs that could be harmful, to be transferred to their bottles. Some formulas are fatty and really needs thorough washing and brushing, and because Asher had no other option than to start bottle feeding at 3 weeks young, since I had to immediately stop breastfeeding due to my treatment.  My OCD had me on my toes to keep germs at bay.

The Tommee Tippee manual breast pump included in the kit was easy to use and easy to assemble with only three parts  and also easy to clean. It’s simple suction is quiet so you can pump with baby right next to you without baby feeling like he is having a nap next to the running lawnmower, and the silicone cover was so comfortable. The milk is readily available to feed baby once you’re done as the pumps works hand in hand with your Tommee Tippee bottles.

And cleaning?
Cleaning is simple with the steriliser.  We are still using our electric steam steriliser from over 6 years ago when Adam was a baby.  The neat user friendly steriliser holds six wide-neck bottles, then steams and kills harmful germs in just 5 minutes.  Like the microwave steriliser, it’s really simple to take apart and clean after each use.  And it just needs 80ml of water for each cycle and only has one button, you can’t go wrong with just one button.
Just make sure there’s always water inside before you push that one button… This is a must-have gadget for all Moms!

Back to the Tommee Tippee Microwave Steam Steriliser & Breast Pump Kit …

I really cannot believe that I have little under four months to go to hit the 12 month milestone of our second born son.

I miss the bump.
I miss the kicks, but I love having him in my arms.
He is an absolute sweetheart.
A copy of his brother, just a tad bit heavier! (LOL!)
I weighed him today and he’s weighing 12.46kg…
We are enjoying solids yeah!

Love & Laughter
Absolutely Rae xx

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