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The last few weeks have been hard. 

I have been traveling quite a bit and each time I found myself on a flight reflecting and deep in thought, the kind of deep thoughts that take over your heart.  The kind of thoughts that play with your heart strings.




My latest reflection was exactly that of an overwhelmed entrepreneur, catching all the feels… All of the feels!

My grateful heart is overflowing with so much hope.  This while trying to hold onto each little sentiment of the last few week’s collection of delightful conversations and the growth that steers along with it.   I am reminded of my purpose and how incredibly privileged I am to be in the position I find myself in.  People trust me.  I have every reason to remain positive and keep pushing no matter how hard things could sometimes be.  Ever heard the expression that it is not joy that makes us grateful, but rather gratitude that makes us joyful.   I have been holding onto these words.  Because there is just too much to be grateful for, to not be joyful, so who am I to sulk about life’s silly pull downs and challenges that were placed to help graft character, who am I?!
I feel strongly that attitude is everything.  I once read a book where a clever professor talks about attitudes and  how life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond to it.  I believed him then and still do today. I also agree, that the single most significant thing you could decide to do is to be POSITIVE.
Alter your attitude to that of a positive one.

I have also been reflecting on relationships.

Family relationships.


It can sometimes be so overwhelming to maintain and foster healthy solid relationships.  Be it casual or not, all relationships requires a certain about of attention.  And while some relationships are easy, others could be a little less easy and somewhat complicated.  But you do get to a point where you are ask yourself “what really matters?”.
Is it the bond that has grown or the bond that won’t grow any further.
Let’s face it, some relationships are easier to give up than others, right?  And then there are other relationships that we just won’t give up on.  It almost often safe to remind yourself that life changes, and so do we.  We either grow or go!  Grow together or go apart! Sigh… It’s not always easy, and this is exactly why I am writing this post.  On our wedding day (blog post for another day), my mother-in-law in her speech said something that I carry with me everyday.

“If you say I love you, you must absolutely mean it.  Don’t just say the word.  Mean it when you say it, and say it only when you mean it!”

Something simple.
Something important.
So as I reflect on relationships, my heart’s desire is to be absolutely intentional with each move I make…
I want my family and friends to know they can always count on me and rely on me to deliberately make life easier with small acts if kindness.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to be a pushover.  I still know my worth, but my intentions will be genuine because I have a little man watching me and I want to be the best version of me for him to learn from as he grows older. 

It is not joy that makes us grateful, but rather gratitude that makes us joyful…

Love & Laughter
Big Mouth Rae

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