Wheely – Wheely! Don’t pop your heely! Segway Tours in Nelson Mandela Bay

Peep! … that is about the only sound you hear from this ride, and that is just an indication that it is now switched on and ready to ride!

Any other sound ?!  Nope!  Just the guide shouting…

“Check your edging!”

“Check the gap!”

“Close the gap!” or “Let’s go, let’s go!”


“Pre-Ride”, we were all about selfies and snapshots, until we had to get on the scooter and put the best foot forward.

It was so much fun to learn to “balance myself!” (insert LOL here!)

I totally enjoyed a lesson before my 1st attempt to really ride the self-balancing 2-wheel ride?!

Is it a bike or 2 wheeler thinga-ma-bob?

It’s a scooter! Of course I knew that…

The noise free, electric , eco friendly is great fun, and not difficult to ride.  It’s all about balance.  You can enjoy a ride along our beautiful beachfront for R300 per person.  This include orientation and a 30 minute guided beachfront ride. Or opt for the Happy Valley  guided  scenic park ride for R400 per person.  This option includes orientation and a 60 minute ride.  Orientation and training takes about 15 minutes and the instructors will make sure that you can balance/ride. The instructors made sure we were all set with our complete safety gear.  Like all the things you would get your kids to wear before they get onto their first bike ride!  They helped everyone get geared up and also helped shoot away some nerves by creating a fun atmosphere.

Ian totally rocked the “traffic cop”role, while Venean and I tried to keep the pose…

There are 7 awesome routes to choose from.  And you could easily book by calling the the Wild X Adventures – 0660038466

The weather today was perfect for this ride.

Thank you Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism and Wild X Adventures – fun was had.

Until next time.

Love & Laughter

Big Mouth Rae

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