why I cut up my lipstick

I cut up my lipstick and you are wondering why?!…

After spending time cleaning out my makeup kit, I counted over 30 lipsticks.
18 of those I have not used in a while, but over 30 lipsticks… packed neatly but taking up oh so much space.
Every now and then I do a check and clear out lipsticks if need be.
After chucking away a few lipsticks, I packed my kit a few times over and over while trying to rearrange my makeup.
For the longest time I have been wanting to depot some of my makeup items, but I was super scared.
Mens doen mos nie net so iets nie…

It could flop.  I could burn or it could turn into one heck of a mess.

So I found a lipstick that was just about ready to make it’s way to the bin.
Because lipstick mos also has an expiry date.
And then I thought, wait … let’s sample this for the depotting trial.
And I did exactly that.

It worked like a bomb.
No mess.
No fuss.
And I decided to do it with quite a few of my colours.
I can give you 3 simple reasons why I cut up the other lipsticks and melted it too…

  • It really saves you a whole lot of space in your kit.
    If you travel it also means compact makeup items and you can put them into one item (YAY!)
  • You can arrange your colours so you find them easily.
    Like reds and nudes and browns seperated and in order from light to dark.
  • You can play around with mixing colours and creating new shades


Just remember to clean everything before and after for this little experiment, we don’t want Mr. bacteria all over the show.

Here’s what you will need:
– a candle
– a lighter
– a spoon (an old one because you might mess it up as seen in image below)
– lipstick
– container (I used a capsule/tablet container thingamajig)


Have a look at the step by step tutorial of some sort.
I cut up the lipstick in small bits so I could add into the container in small bits otherwise it’s too much because I used an old teaspoon.
If you use a bigger spoon, you can most certainly melt the whole lipstick at once to save time.
Then a soon as the lipstick is melted, I added it into the container.
Do not wait till your lipsticks boils>
Also take extra care with the flame and remember the to work at a good pace because the lipstick sets and you don’t want your lipstick set on a spoon now mos.
Once your lipsticks are added to your new container allow to set and voila!




Love & Laughter
Big Mouth Rae

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