The wonder of the ideal woman…

The wonder of the ideal woman…

a Proverbs 31 woman…

She is perfect but is she possible?!

And I wonder about her …
Somehow, no matter how much I try to be her, see her or even try to comprehend the ideal woman, right now I don’t feel her…

The ultimate Proverbs 31 woman is a recipe with a list of simple ingredients, but the method is not so simple to follow.
Because life happens, nasty people happen and untidy situations happen that can leave you hopeless from time to time.
Some days you can be the best Mom but less of the best wife.  Other days you will totally win at being the best friend and other days you might lose big on some business opportunity or work.  Then there will be days when you feel like you are not winning at anything, at all.

Don’t give up beautiful!

You are not alone!

I recently started reading the empowering study of Proverbs 31 written by Donna Partow.

Right now in my personal life, I am trying to work on my walk with God, my relationships with family, friends and also pushing myself to stay motivated with running and growing my business.

Donna Partow inspires women and encourages practical direction to move them towards the goal of becoming a modern Proverbs 31 woman with purpose and passion. During this 90-day journey, readers walk the path toward better living in specific areas of life, including

·         faith and spirituality

·         health

·         business

·         home management

·         and more…

Partow’s holistic plan includes all types of growth–physical, relational, emotional, and spiritual. The practical action steps will help readers grow in character today, even as they set attainable goals for the future.

– be KIND






– DRESS well

– be a GOOD wife





Now I know these are only a few of the important things that stood out to me, but it is a lot to take in.
Some days it is not easy to be kind or even strong.
Lately I have lost the plot with “dressing up” and I know as women working or bossing, momming, wifing, sistering, friending, and all other things, we are not perfect, nor does God expect us to be.

Becoming a Proverbs 31 woman means working hard but so much more.

It’s working hard and doing so gracefully.
Doing good and doing it courageously.
Making a beautiful home and  doing it purposefully.
It is all of that and more.
It is to become a God fearing woman who honors God.

So each day remind yourself that you as a daughter, a sister, a friend, wife and mom…

YOU are worthy of God’s grace!

And in case you forget that, remember that even when life happens, we need to remain faithful and try our best to be kind and do good to others.
Remember to start the day on a powerful tone of prayer, asking for guidance.
Remember to be strong and have courage and grow through what you go through.
Remember to love and honour yourself always, otherwise others won’t because it all starts with YOU.
Remind yourself that YOU beautiful woman are more precious than rubies.
Pray over everything and work hard always in everything that we set out to do, and try to encourage each other as much as we can.

If we don’t, who will?


Love & Laughter
Big Mouth Rae

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