Time to BLOOM with Hi-Tec 🌼

Bright, light, fun and comfy!
Colourful and all kinds of cute!
I am definitely living a “hi-life” in Hi-Tec.

I can easily add colour to a casual outfit with the stylish bomber jacket, cover my shoulders after saying “Hello” to the treadmill, or just stay warm during rehearsals.

The apparel is light weight, which means I get to pack light for the road… another plus!
The colours will liven up any room and the comfort is next level fantastic!

The leggings fit just like a layer of second skin, I kid you not!
I love rocking these while setting up for shows, here’s to sending good vibes in the hope that Hi-Tec might bring out an all black range I could rock while working backstage!
There’s also a cute secret internal pocket, and I love that these came in my absolute favourite colour – TEAL, what a great deal!
Comfort, great fit and the colours are the.bomb.com!

Then can we have a moment of silence for the crop top… drum roll!…
Guys a whole crop top!
I rocked a whole crop top, got behind the cam and also shared to social media.
Can you say boosted confidence out loud!
Now if I felt at all uncomfortable, I would simply not have shared this with you.
But the support and comfort, and let me not forget to mention sexy feelings was everything I needed to boost my body confidence.

It fits snugly around the upper torso, holds the boobies in place, whether you are working out or running errands or playing with your little on, everything will be okay, more than okay, you will feel like a GLAM-MOM!
It is perfect for any type of workout, in fact, the Hi-Tec crop top really is not only great for exercise, but super comfy for wearing everyday…  If I could, I would ditch the bra forever!  In fact, I don’t want to wear anything else now and If I could, I really would ditch the bra forever, because it’s a little like being naked, but just better, because you’re not…

Whether you are gracing the streets, the shops or hitting the gym, do so in style with the Hi-Tec LEO Collection available online!

While you are having a look at the Hi-Tec Leo collection, do yourself a favour and check out the Women Lifestyle Shoe section… If pink is also your new black, make sure you check in with your bank card at hand, because you are going to want to shop!
I can tell you that you won’t make no mistake and investing in comfort for your feet if you are always on the go as I am.
The Meridian is a classic, it has the most comfortable sole.

It’s oh so light but also durable.
The mesh upper also allows your feet to breathe and that’s mos a good thing.
I have my heart set on a pair of Black SHADOW COZY’s, to wear “to work” when running around backstage but I also have my eye on the ROSE pair but now they’ve just launched the GREY!
H E L P, how am I going to do this!?

Fellow blogger and creative, Odette from Odette Johaar Photography and I collaborated on this one and I had such an awesome time with her.
She is such a smooth operator!
I love her work!


Hi-Tec asked me try out the gear and my review is my own and honest opinion!
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