Lockdown Nappies!

I’ve heard that I gave birth at just the right time…
Before lockdown.
Before we lost our sense of normal and were forced onto the “new normal” cruise.
Honestly, my sweet boy was only 4 weeks old when we went into lockdown and nothing, nada, zero things, could have prepared us as parents for what was to come.
Before baby arrives, we plan everything, or at least most of the things we have control over.
We plan to prepare.
To be ready.
To have all our ducks in a row and tick off all the boxes.
We focus on our surroundings, and zoom in on life and try to be ready for the adjustments to happen.
And yes, we sometimes forget about the small silly things, like the stinky situations we could get ourselves into when changing a nappy.
I have a solution for this sort of pollution!(LOL!)

Now that you have experienced lockdown, you would be happy to know that’s exactly what happens to a nappy when using a Twist & Click disposal bin.

If you’ve read my post Hello Baby 6years later,then you know I’ve been so excited about our investment on this poop locker.

After using this neat bin for about 5 months, I can now testify that the Twist & Clock nappy bin really is worth every cent spent, and I will tell you why we absolutely love this bin.

  • This compact bin locks away odours and germs as the anti-bacterial film prevents smells from escaping while it kills up to 99% of germs.
  • It wraps the nappies individually as you toss them in.
  • The slimline bin fits into any room and can also be used in your bathroom once you pass nappy stage.
  • The bin holds up to 30 nappies and each refill film lasts about a month, depending on your poop load!

We used the bin for about 5 weeks before we emptied it the first time and Kevin and I were both shocked, we counted 57 nappies!!!(number 1 size)
You can check it out in the Tommee Tippee highlight section on my Instagram stories. ¬†You might want to check it out in case you don’t follow me, because Tommee Tippee and I will be giving away one of these awesome bins to a follower!

Who would’ve thought, in 2020, nappy bins are a thing but I tell you it is saving marriages out there one nappy at a time!
‘n Bin mense!

Love & Laughter
Rae xx

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