5 reasons why we 🖤 Oh So Heavenly

This post is just a simple shout out kinda post to Oh So Heavenly!

For so long I have been enjoying this product range.
If there was a brand to buy for no reason, or just for the “man it’s cheap” or “I’m sure someone has a birthday coming up soon”, Oh So Heavenly is the one!

With a few amazing collections on the shelves of any Clicks store, you can find anything from hair to bath and body, face and fragrance, they have something in their range for you to sort you out from “Kop tot Toon”!
They also have a Mom & cherub range, as well as a few genuinely fab goodies for home.  Their reed diffusers help you set a charming home as you infuse your surroundings with a touch of decedent vanilla or that of radiant rose.  Don’t fret, if this sounds too sweet or maybe even too yummy, there is definitely something for you in the Luxury Living Home Collection.
I say yummy, because, imagine jou hele huis ruik aan cupcakes en vanilla die hele tyd – lekke goed!
All the different product scents can go into the box of “what dreams are made of” that’s for sure.

The products are gentle and each collection is enriched with all the good stuff.
My little family loves it.
Kevin also indulges in some quality pampering and loves the fact that some of the body washes are blended with aromatherapy oils.
We use quite a few OSH products at home, from kitchen to lounge and sommer everywhere. I really great value for money, plus the 3 for 2 deals at Clicks will have you feel like you’ve hit a small jackpot!
My brother once said my bathroom cupboard looks like that one isle in Clicks… (insert #LOL here!)

You might also recall from a previous post, that they have a few of their products available in travel size.

Here’s why I really love this brand and why I will continue to copy and paste it to my shopping list.



It’s cruelty free.

It’s affordable.

It’s made locally.

It smells amazing.

It makes a a really special treat as a gift that makes a great gift to yourself even.





I know you know about this amazing product range and I am sure you have your own little collection but the product really is worth a high-five!
I would love to see them whip out a a few men’s items and also a refill bag for their kids blue body wash…

Please…hint hint OSH!

Thanks for being here!

Love & Laughter
Big Mouth Rae

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